My name is Steve Hickey and I have worked as a photographer since 1975, this blog is about my time with The London Bubble Theatre.

Thanks to Ann Stirling I got involved with The London Bubble theatre around 1987. Previously I had, among other work, spent a few years working in music photography and The Bubble rekindled my love of photographing a live performance. The shows featured lots of music so it was a bit like shooting a gig. I photographed my first summer show in 1987 when they were performed in a big blue tent. It was a little like going to a circus. I was hooked on The Bubble from the first show and  the connection has now lasted for over 25 years. In that time I have photographed most of the shows, summer performances, winter pantomimes and community shows.

Jonathan Petherbridge took over as director in the 90’s and under his direction the shows escaped into the open air and have continued without a tent until the present day.

As a working experience the theatre has featured large in my life – not just because of the longevity but also for the experience of seeing some great shows and meeting some wonderful people over those years. So this blog is about me searching through my old negs, finding stuff I had forgotten about and posting some hopefully interesting images.

Searching through old negatives always rekindles old memories, and  for me  it’s like revisiting a dream.

So if you worked with The Bubble as a performer, technician, or were a member of the audience from 1987 to the present – if you have any thoughts, memories or had your own ‘bubble dreams’ and you would like to share them here then feel free to comment.